These are our B moments.

Our moments to be still … to be fed by the Word of God … to be grateful. Join Suzette for her daily meditation on what it means to walk with God in your life.

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Leap from Your Comfort into Your Miracle Today

Are you feeling trapped between who you must be and who you desire to be?

Do you find yourself portraying the appearance of success while struggling to be fulfilled by purpose?

Would you like to rediscover yourself and deepen your connection with God?

With soul-baring candor, engaging wit and precise scriptural references, Suzette will help you to:

  • Listen to your inner voice, even when everything around you – your friends and family, your lifestyle and fear — tells you to ignore it. 
  • Overcome the need to save everyone by learning to detach with love. 
  • Recognize that your past had a purpose.
  • Stop being paralyzed.  Move forward and embrace the plans God has for you, “…plans to prosper you and not to harm you…” (Jer. 29:11)


B Moments are spiritual inspiration for people on-the-go.  This 2-minute daily reflection is a moment to Be still…to Be fed by the Word of God…to Be grateful.  B Moments allow time-crunched people to pause, reflect, and set positive intentions for their day. 

To teach and inspire the Word of God to those who desire to move from a place of fearfulness to one of faithfulness about their life’s journey.

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