b moments, worth

This is our B moment. Our moment to be still…to be fed by the Word of God…to be grateful.

Scripture reference: Philippians 1:6 (NLT)

Today I am thinking about how I can fall into the trap of over analyzing my standing with God. I do something great and my mind tells me I’m in good standing. But later I might backslide or make a mistake in some area; then my mind will start telling me that I’ve fallen out of good standing or maybe I don’t feel like I’m standing quite as high with God as I was before.

This inner dialogue just keeps flowing.

Today, I want to call myself on the carpet on this and just release this entire inner conversation. I want to embrace the beautiful idea of God’s unconditional love and grace for me.

The passage that inspires me most in this struggle is one of Jesus’s conversation with his disciples.

In this conversation, Jesus asks them, “Who do you say that I am?”

Peter was the first to respond, “You are the Messiah, Son of the Living God.”

Jesus responded to Peter, saying, “You are blessed because my Father in Heaven revealed that unto you. You did not learn that from any human being.”

This inspires me so completely. Peter is the one who regresssed in his walk with God. He made poor choices in his life. And yet God still chose him.

I release this over analyzing that I sometimes do.  I just release it. There’s no need for this. God still loves me the same.

The Words that inspire me are, “And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.” Philippians 1:6 (NLT)

Please share this reflection because others also desire to be inspired.

Today, what great work has God started in you? And trust me, He’s still working with you!