To get the motivation you need, check out this interview from 9/7/2018.

Here are 4 key tips for exhausted, burned out moms who are seeking fresh and somewhat counter-intuitive ways to recharge in a short video interview titled “Up Your Mom Game:  How to prioritize yourself without sacrificing your family.”

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I absolutely loved “Blues To Blessings: from Fearful to Faithful.” Suzette’s very personal account of her arduous journey to realize her dreams genuinely shook me to the core because it is so brutally honest, gripping, real, and soul-baring in a way that is braver than most of us are willing to be in real life, let alone on the page for all to read and judge.

Lolita FilesAmazon Reviewer

A bold story of truth and transformation. Bravo!

KristyAmazon Reviewer

Anyone that has struggled in their faith and life can appreciate Suzette’s story.

KarenAmazon Reviewer

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