Today, I am feeling the empowerment of serenity. King David is a great example of one who practices serenity under very chaotic conditions. I wonder what it actually looked like the day that David killed Goliath.  I have a visual in my head. 

I envision the Philistines on one side, and the Israelites on the other. David is making his way down into the valley to confront Goliath. It feels like this great noise is going on inside this valley. Like in a football stadium, but instead of cheering fans it is just the loud cries of worry coming from both sides.

But David is steady. He keeps moving towards Goliath; he is able to tune it all out while standing in his moment of stillness. We know this is the case because think about how still his hand had to be to strike Goliath with such precision. If he would have been shaking like a leaf, he would have likely missed.

David teaches us how empowered we can become when we stand in the center of our serenity, even amidst chaos.

The Words on my heart right now are – “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

Tomorrow, let’s talk about restoration. Please share this reflection, because others desire to be inspired.

So today, choose to stand in the center of your serenity, and trust God to be God.