This is your B moment. Your moment to be still…to be fed by the Word of God…to be grateful.

Scripture reference: Phillipians 1:6 (NLT)


Today I want to inspire you about God’s standard.

Recently, I was reading 1st Chronicles, a book mostly about the life of King David.  By the time I finished I realized there seemed to be several omissions.

I didn’t read anything about David committing adultery with Bathsheba, him arranging the death of her husband, nor his shortcomings as a father. I also found it interesting that 1 Chronicles charts out David’s ancestry.

God knew before David was ever born that there would be areas in his life where he would fail greatly, yet He never denied him his life’s purpose.

Do you ever silently chronicle your own life – highlighting past mistakes, especially the serious ones, and allow that image to hold you back from going after ALL that God has planned for you?

As 1 Chronicles is written by a religious leader, it focuses more on David’s heart for God and his worship of Him than it does on his wrongdoings.

We often confuse the standard we set for ourselves to deserve the Lord’s blessing with the actual standard He holds us to. Often, they couldn’t be further apart.

Today, we’re starting a new series titled – “What’s holding you back?”

Specifically, we’ll be discussing those thoughts that can hold you back from pursuing the life God has for you.

As you reflect on that, remember these words:

“…God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished…” Philippians 1:6 (NLT)

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So today, appreciate God’s standard.