This is our B moment. Our moment to be still…to be fed by the Word of God…to be grateful.

Scripture reference: Proverbs 11:25 (ESV)

Today, I am thinking about the power of receiving.

Recently, I talked about the story of Naomi, who lost her husband and her two sons, then decided to pack up and return to her hometown. Fortunately, she had two daughter-in-laws who offered to go home with her.

However, Naomi had a very difficult time accepting their offer because she didn’t have anything to give them in return. Sometimes, we prefer to be the one who gives because in addition to being able to give from our hearts, it also feels like we are more in control when we are the giver rather than the receiver. Being on the receiving end, especially if you don’t have anything to give in return, can make you feel vulnerable.

Yet, what I have learned is that what feels like vulnerability is actually surrendering to the power of God working within us. In other words, being the receiver positions someone else to be a blessing, hence creating an opportunity for them to be blessed. So, when we look at receiving from that perspective, we see that receiving is not vulnerable—it is both a powerful place and a purposeful place.

Let us remember that as we cling to these few words: “Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.” Proverbs 11:25 (ESV)

Please share this reflection as others desire to be inspired.

So today, remember there’s power in receiving.